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"Dark Sanctum"
by E.J. Darling
When his mind holds him captive, escape is reimagined.
If you enjoy entertainment like Black Mirror, Inception, and Blacklist, you’re going to love Dark Sanctum.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Dexon’s family was torn apart because the job followed him home. But he refuses to lose them all. He has a plan to get his wife back, by any means necessary. Even as far as allowing a morally gray government program access to their minds. In a desperate attempt to dig Cory out of her own mind, Dexon infiltrates her Sanctum. But his fragile mental state is crumbling hers each time he fails to pull her out, and he’ll kill her if he keeps pushing. That was an unacceptable outcome. After his reckless actions get him barred until he becomes more stable, Dexon finds a new way to control the story, and enters a new Sanctum where his mind controls the environment. But things aren’t always what they seem, and Dexon realizes just how powerful the mind truly is, and how deep it’s willing to go to heal itself. Before anyone can get out of Sanctum’s grasp, Dexon is going to have to come to terms with his own traumas. And they span deeper than he ever realized. Content Warning: Child Death, Sexual Scenes. For mature audiences.