"Hatching a Dragon"

by Kristie Clark

The Scientific Prologue to the Sci-Fi Thriller "Killing Dragons"
Where did the sea dragon come from?
# Adventure
# Climate Change
# Genetic Engineering
# Sci-Fi
# Thriller

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Please note that the following is the description to the sci-fi thriller "Killing Dragons," and the chapter offered here: "Hatching a Dragon" is its scientific prologue which was cut from the full length novel. In a world where sea dragons terrorize dolphins, you enter the reef at your own risk. Marine biologist Eva Paz is on the verge of a breakthrough in dolphin communication that will change everything we know about language. Then police call her away to investigate the mysterious death of a fisherman. It’s her mother’s boyfriend. But she is running out of time to get data to keep her grant. Without funding, her dolphins will be turned loose in the deadly Caribbean. A cartel leader makes Eva an offer she can’t refuse. He’ll fund her dolphin research if she’ll help him capture the sea dragon. Then geneticist Thomas Sternberg arrives on sabbatical to lead a dive school. He wants to help Eva, but they share a dark past. While on his watch as a Navy SEAL, Eva’s brother was killed, and her dolphin was wounded. Eva doesn’t trust Thomas, but can she set that aside to stop the sea dragon and save her dolphins?