"The Guardian Anthology"

by Jen Finelli

Gritty, diverse teen superheroes facing real-world issues with hard science solutions.
The prequel to the critically-acclaimed novel about the comic book character who shoots his author.
# Adventure
# Sci-Fi
# Multicultural
# Superhero
# Coming of Age

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An engineering student battles Multiple Sclerosis--and experiments with dangerous body modifications. A girl in a red hijab leaps into the flames of a rotting convenience store--to save someone who hates her. A 9th-grader catches a doctor poisoning his city's water supply to "cure" cancer. A kid scarred by his alcoholic father turns his own broken, twisted psychology into a super-weapon. A restless girl from the South uncovers a human trafficking ring, and as she navigates the complexities of police-victim relationships, she roots out a conspiracy that could change her planet forever. This neurodiverse, ethnically open anthology uncovers the origins of the Guardian superhero team from the book about the comics character who shoots his author.