"Beltane Magic"

by Rose Bak

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# Romance
# Paranormal
# Comedy
# Humorous
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It was magic when they got together. Until it wasn’t… Growing up as part of the infamous Rosewater family of witches is a lot of pressure, but now that Sage is on her own, she’s ready to be a “normal”. She has one incredible night with a guy she meets at a college party, but when she wakes up, suddenly she actually is a “normal”. The guy she gave her virginity to somehow drained her magic and disappeared! Edward has been searching for his lost soulmate for four years. When he suddenly has a psychic vision of her kissing another man, he heads out to the town of Greysden to find her and claim her forever. It’s love at first sight – again – but Sage doesn’t want to be with a man who makes her lose her witchcraft, no matter how good things are between them. Fortunately, it’s Beltane and the local coven just might have a plan to help Sage keep her magic and be with her soulmate too. “Beltane Magic” is a funny, short, and steamy prequel to the “Magical Midlife” series. This small-town paranormal romance includes a matchmaking mother, friendly shifters, and an unconventional solution to a little...performance issue. This book is a free gift for mailing list subscribers.