"Begin Again"
by Tudor Robins
Finley shares everything with her best friend ... but she didn’t expect to share her husband.
Cute kittens and hot farmers, family and friendship drama, second chances at love and, of course, horses, all woven together with a good dose of humour
Available in MOBI and ePub

The weekend starts with a celebration of life – the summer residents of picture-perfect Cottage Point coming together to send Finley’s dearly departed pony off to her new home in the great apple orchard in the sky. After all, the cottagers are one big happy family – full of love and support for each another. Or, at least that’s what Finley thinks until she gets up for a late-night drink of water and discovers lust has won out over loyalty when it comes to her best friend and her husband. What kind of people would betray her like this? It’s the first thing that fills her head, but Finley quickly finds herself asking a tougher question – what kind of woman is she? More importantly, what kind of woman does she want to be? Sign up for Tudor Robins’ newsletter now to download this introductory story to the world of Cottage Point.