"The Promise: A Heritage Verse Story"

by S. M. Wright

Katya and team chase phantoms in a race against time. Failure is unacceptable as this syndicate trades in flesh.
A blend of space opera and military sci-fi for fans of Firefly, BSG, Dark Matter, and Star Wars
# Action
# Futuristic
# Sci-Fi
# Space Opera
# Military

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Serva, the elusive arm of Deep Reznic, trades in the flesh of other beings, operating in quiet cells until now. In an uncharacteristically bold move, its operatives have kidnapped a Magistrate senator’s granddaughter. Having been investigating Serva’s accelerating trafficking operations, Lieutenant Katya Cassius and her team now rush to break the syndicate’s operations and rescue not only this little girl but other children who have fallen into Serva’s grasp. In the midst of chasing phantoms, Katya finds herself caring for a young girl who's been sneaking onto her base. The promise she makes her will forever shape their lives.