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"Murder on the Missouri - from Into the Black"

by Adam Gaffen

Cadet Kin Ferguson was dead. That's when they called me in.
My name's Kyle Davis, and I'm what passes for law enforcement in the Terran Federation.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

The Terran Federation isn't perfect a quarter-century after its founding. People are people, after all. But most crimes are solved easily by the AI's and implants which monitor the various starships and habitats. When they can't, they call in Kyle Davis, a hard-bitten former PI from the bad sands of Las Vegas Free State. He's not best pleased by the call, though. He prefers the normal routine: underworked and overpaid. The Minister of Justice has a way of persuading people, though, and soon enough Kyle's interviewing the murder victim. Nothing like a first-person perspective to try to solve a murder. Grab hold and dive into this mystery from the Cassidyverse! This story is featured in the collection "Into the Black" and will be released April 18th. Enjoy this preview copy now!