"Gates of Eden: Druidess"

by Theophilus Monroe

A Haunting Journey into the Worlds of Voodoo and Druidry
The Thrilling Prequel to the Druid and Voodoo Legacies

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Joni had always been fascinated by the history of her family’s old, antebellum plantation. Her ancestor’s journals were filled with stories, many involving two slave girls, the older of whom was deeply involved in the "red magic" of the Bokors. When Messalina returns from the grave on a quest of vengeance, Joni must confront the wickedness of her own family’s past, while also embracing a truth even more ancient—that she is descended from a line of Druids. Joni is the only one who stands between Messalina and her insidious plans. Druidess takes readers on a thrilling journey into the world of Celtic and Native American mythology, Voodoo, and an eternal realm where all magic—good and evil alike—has its origins. Druidess is filled with shocking plot twists, compelling characters, and features a strong female hero. Druidess is introduces the Gates of Eden world--it is a prequel to both the Druid Legacy (Elijah Wadsworth) and the Voodoo Legacy (Annabelle Mulledy). Monroe’s Druidess is sure to keep readers enthralled from start to finish.