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by Julie L. Spencer

Featured Book: First Prince of Israel
Featured Book May Change Seasonally
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Get a free book when you join my weekly email book club! Note: free book subject to change with the seasons Featured Book: First Prince of Israel God has promised Jacob twelve sons and a daughter… and he trusts God more than he trusts his own youthful attraction to a pretty woman. Jacob rarely mentions his dreams and visions because people look at him as though he’s either eccentric or insane. But he can’t deny his connection with God, nor his prompting to move from his home in Israel to a remote village in the deserts of Haran, where he was told he’d find his wife. And he did… sort of—when he met Rachel. Rachel has a vision of her own, about her twin sister marrying Jacob. Heartbroken and resigned to the reality of her vision, Rachel sets aside her pride to understand her purpose in God’s plan—that of being Jacob’s second wife. But Jacob’s meant to have a third and fourth wife too. Apparently, God has bigger plans for their lives than Jacob or Rachel could fathom.