by Lucia Kuhl

Animals up $50,000. Humans, down one very special life
A Humorous Paranormal Cozy Animal Mystery
# Amateur Sleuth
# Cozy
# Ghosts
# Pets
# Small Town

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ANIMALS UP, $50,000.  HUMANS DOWN, ONE VERY SPECIAL LIFE.  Humans tend to think they rule the world, when in fact, they require constant supervision and observation from the Animal Kingdom and Spirit world. Take tonight, for example, fifty-thousand dollars raised for charity and one very special life lost. Now Spirit-Ghost Lily Collins and Healing-Witch Anna Krone must race through the small rural town of Moon Lake, Indiana to catch a killer before sunup or risk the financial and professional ruin of Lily's granddaughter. Download this book, curl up with your favorite beverage and furry friend, and help Lily solve this short fun Paranormal Cozy Mystery.