"The Road to the Stars (The Artemis War Volume 1)(The Cassidy Chronicles Book 2)"

by Adam Gaffen

Cass and Ken are pursuing their dreams, but will the universe let them?
Obviously the universe hasn't reckoned with the Cassidys. Nothing's going to stop them.
# Sci-Fi
# Space Opera
# War
# Adventure

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You know, it's been a good five years for Aiyana and Kendra. They have two girls of their own, they have the time and money to pursue their dreams, and they have each other. Cass's portals are starting to pop up everywhere. Kendra's starship is nearly complete. What could go wrong? How about a crisis which could end up wiping out 3/4 of the Earth's population? A star nation which doesn't take kindly to the idea of sharing the skies? Throw in pushing a dream into reality, and you might think you've filled their plate. You might also be wrong. Hang on as they face an even greater challenge! Now, it's not just their lives on the line. It's the entire world.