"The Armchair Bride"

by Mo Fanning

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# Contemporary
# Romance
# Women's Fiction
# Comedy

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TRUE LOVE STARTS WITH A LITTLE WHITE LIE Lisa Doyle is almost forty, single, and ready to take charge of her life. Fed up with being the girl most likely to die alone, eaten by feral cats, she’s got a plan to shape up and find love. But when her childhood BFF asks her to be maid of honour, Lisa’s world implodes. The bride’s new bestie? None other than one-time school bully Ginny. Things go from bad to worse after a video of Lisa’s office party from hell goes viral. With the wedding getting closer and former classmates parading their perfect lives alongside smartly dressed husbands on social media, Lisa invents an astronaut husband. When her roommate bails on pretending to be this man of action, Lisa talks her recently divorced boss, Brian, into standing in. With Ginny taking charge of wedding plans, Lisa must decide whether to stand up to the bully or run for the hills. Full of zany mishaps and family drama, The Armchair Bride is a laugh-out-loud rom-com about shedding baggage, embracing independence, and learning that happiness comes from within. Because the only person you need to please is you.