"The Watcher Key"
by Troy Hooker
Could he really be the descendant of immortal beings?
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Could He be a Descendant of Immortal Beings? The Darkness is rising ... Living in a remote town with a grandfather he barely knows, Sam meets some unlikely friends with an unusual secret ... they are the descendants of immortal beings. Eventually, they invite him to their home in the fantastical land of Lior, where the Descendants of the Light have been battling the forces of Darkness for thousands of years. Sam and his friends quickly discover there is a plot brewing in the darkest reaches of Lior that will not only change Sam's own destiny but also threaten the future of both worlds. Follow Sam, Emma, Gus, and Lillia as they encounter dragons, giants, and other incredible creatures while uncovering the mystery of the Watcher Key. The Watcher Key is Book #1 of the Descendants of Light Series: Book #1 The Watcher Key Book #2 The Watcher Tower Book #3 The Watcher Revealed