"The Watcher Key"
by Troy Hooker
Could he really be the descendant of immortal beings?
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Could He be a Descendant of Immortal Beings? In a remote town in northern Michigan, Samuel Forrester learns something extraordinary about himself. He is a descendant of ancient immortal beings from another world. When Emma reveals this secret to him, Sam's life is forever changed. Emma and a small group of other Descendants convince him to follow them through a portal hidden in a cavern, where the strange new world of Lior resides on the other side. As Sam and the others explore this new world, they discover dragons, giants, and mysterious artifacts with incredible powers—and the dark forces that seek to control them. Circumstances beyond their control quickly vault Sam and his friends into a dark plot that will alter all of their fates, as well as countless others in both worlds... The Watcher Key is Book #1 of the Descendants of Light Series: Book #1 The Watcher Key Book #2 The Watcher Tower Book #3 The Watcher Revealed