"Wind Mage Rising"

by Kay Widow

In Galen Harm's quest to save his people from tyrannical oppression, he must confront demonic adversaries and discover the magic hidden within his guitar.
A Dark Epic Rockstar Fantasy Prequel
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Urban Fantasy
# Arcanepunk

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A rockstar confronts his destiny on the night of his band's most important gig. Standing on the legendary stage, Galen Harm can do no wrong. His heart pounds wildly from the drugs. While his fingers fly across the strings of his strange guitar, Notes melting together, the audience swaying to the dirty groove. Suddenly, a commotion from the back breaks the spell - And the terrifying sound of machete blades taking heads overpowers the song. Galen and his brethren fight their way out of the Cranium Box and reach the river, Where an even greater horror awaits. The truth of his now broken guitar. Will he make it across alive?