"Clan of the Skyriders"

by Florence Phillips

A rebel Huntress with a secret to hide. A heartbroken Chief with a Clan to save
A viking-esque Fantasy Adventure and Romance
# Epic
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Adventure
# Coming of Age

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Fierce and misunderstood, Efalaa Vonaborn, rejects the strict rules of her clan and yearns for a new life, free from the invisible wounds of her past. But her childhood friend, Morgunn, the son of the Chief, reveres the traditions that have always kept the Skyriders safe from the Raider-riddled Wastelands. When a earthquake destroys their village, a handful of grief-stricken survivors turn to Morgunn to lead, and both face an agonising choice between duty and freedom. In this beautiful, viking-esque fantasy world, women are as strong and ruthless as the men. A cast of flawed, fur-and-leather clad heroes soar through the skies on giant eagles, from snowy sierras to barren plains. Their only magic is the resilience of the human spirit and what people can survive when love is at stake. A gripping mix of fast-paced epic adventure with a Norse feel and slow burn friends-to-lovers romance with alternating POVs. For fans of Adrienne Young’s ‘Sky in the Deep’.