"The Man Black: A supernatural thriller short story"

by Damian Vargas

They had rules where he came from
A man's flight turns to terror when a mysterious traveler shatters reality.
# Suspense
# Horror
# Superhero
# Psychological Thriller
# Dark

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In the claustrophobic confines of a jet soaring at 30,000 feet, Terry Dixon's mundane journey skywards morphs into a mind-bending encounter with the cryptic Frank Black. Amid the anonymity of fellow travelers, a sinister dialogue triggers a descent into psychological terror. As reality blurs, Terry grapples with a harrowing question: Is Frank Black a mere figment of deep-seated fears, or a harbinger from an inexplicable realm? Strapped into this high-altitude mystery, readers will teeter on the brink of the conceivable, ensnared by the enigma of truth and delusion.