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"Black Flames, Ember 1"
by Madilynn Dale
Has life all been a lie? What beast is hidden within if not a wolf?
Adventure, romance, betrayal, sacrifice, Ember must fight for her power.
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Ember believes she's a latent wolf until she finds herself facing a demon using hellfire. The black flames trigger something within her and the world as she knows it is dumped on its head. Has her entire life been nothing but a lie? Tied to the future Alpha via contract, she seeks an escape to find her true mate. Confused by the emotions surrounding her discovery, she sacrifices herself to save her pack and is taken to hell. With a false engagement and memories erased, she finds herself part of a larger plan. Can she fulfill her role and manage to return home without her secret being discovered? Trigger Warning: sex, alcohol, fighting, blood, death, kidnapping, mild to mod profanity, fire, house fire, mention of rape, action, sword fighting, blood drinking, near death experiences, demons, Sexually explicit scenes.