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"The Cyber Exorcist & The Haunted River"

by ARK Watson

Can even demons tell what is human anymore?
A ghost story set in a convent of cyborg nuns
# Cyberpunk
# Ghosts
# Mystery
# Paranormal
# Supernatural

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In a future where cyborgs, post-humans, and quantum A.I.'s reign, Father Xavier, an apprentice exorcist, finds himself thrust into a world of haunting mysteries. Tasked with investigating a convent plagued by a malevolent poltergeist, Xavier realizes that his traditional prayers have no effect on the supernatural entity. As he delves deeper, he uncovers a power struggle within the convent, pitting a scandalously full-cybernetic abbess against a war veteran nun with outdated implants. "The Cyber Exorcist" is a thrilling blend of cyberpunk, paranormal mystery, and introspective exploration. It captivates with its fusion of cutting-edge technology and ancient rituals, delivering a thought-provoking journey that challenges the boundaries of faith, science, and the human spirit. *This book will ONLY be available for the month of June 2023. Then it goes back into the vault until I have finished the sequel & tried my hand at querying it*