"Road Rash: Backwoods Summer Rally"

by Sarah Zolton Arthur

Two weeks can change your life
A hot romantic suspensful ride!

Available in MOBI and ePub

All’s fair in babes, booze, and bar fights until one night changes everything…

 I’ve been showing up for two weeks every summer for the last ten years. Partly because I make freaking fantastic tips, but mostly it’s so I can be closer to Old Man. He’s my boss at the Road Rash. I want him. I’m sure he wants me but I’m sixteen years his junior and he’s super hung up on it. At least he was until some maniac decided he was out to get me. Now he’s the only one I trust. 

 Old Man
 Something broke inside me when I saw her laying on the pavement covered in blood. I wanted her from the first time I met her but she was a teenager then. I held back. I was at a different place in my life, so was she. Now someone’s trying to take her away from me? Forget that. I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe because…