"Faerie Flight"
by Carol Beth Anderson
Fae, romance, and adventure
A short romantic fantasy story (upper YA/NA)
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Ailis is a faerie in the Seelie Court, which embraces order and beauty. Problem is, she's fallen for Faolan, a faerie in the Unseelie Court, which embraces chaos and pain. And romance between the two Courts is forbidden. When Ailis gets caught kissing Faolan, she flees to mortal lands to escape punishment. Her time there shows her just how dangerous humans are to the Fae. Ailis's mother finds her and brings her home, where faeries are planning to move to a safer world. But the Seelie Queen hasn't forgotten Ailis's forbidden romance...and she won't let Ailis join the exodus. If Ailis doesn't find a way to flee Earth with her fellow faeries, she'll be stuck on a planet full of Fae-hating humans...and she'll be forever separated from Faolan. Faerie Flight is a standalone short story that takes about 1-2 hours to read. It's written for the upper-YA/NA audience. It contains sensual romantic scenes with mild heat, as well as brief mentions of masochism and self harm.