"Kelsey's Lamp"

by Kaydee Robins

Love conquers all, right? For Kelsey it’s an uphill battle of the greatest proportions can an old lamp help her find her way back to her mate?
An FF FPreg Aladdin Story
# Romance
# Shifters
# Fairy Tale
# Fantasy

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Despite all odds the princess fell in love with her, an orphan. When Kelsey finds herself locked in a dungeon, naked and alone she accepts that she’ll never again see the light of day, but she doesn’t regret loving her Matilda. On the cusp of death, she closes her eyes for the last time only to find herself come too in a friend’s home. Trying to move on with her life, she returns to work as an archaeologist only to discover a lost tomb of a djinn. Can true love prevail, or will the Alpha Heir get what he’s always wanted, Kelsey’s mate? Kelsey’s Lamp is a bonus novella in Legends of the Packs, a collection of your favorite fairy tales retold in the modern world with shifters, alphas, omegas, and male pregnancy. This book takes place between book one, Ginger Fella, and book two, Caspian Untangled. The books can be read out of order, but for maximum enjoyment it is recommended to start with book one – Ginger Fella.