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"Primitive Health & Beauty"


The authentic guide to improve your physical fitness
Enjoy a lifestyle with more confidence, strong mindset and functional body
# Health & Wellness
# Inspirational
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Need help to improve your physical fitness? Looking for the way to encourage yourself for healthy eating and training? Let me guess… The answer is yes. And probably you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a functional body and why not with a sexier appearance! One of, if not, the most effective and quickest way to reach that condition is through proper healthy eating and training habits. Do the words “training” and “healthy eating” brings you out in a cold sweat? Fear not…in my new book “Primitive Health & beauty” I walk you through, step-by-step, how to build a strong mindset to adopt new eating habits and a new perspective about proper training. Just a few days from today, you could have a clear roadmap of what you're going to change in your daily life and how you're going to re-install your fitness genes. Start reading Primitive Health & beauty today