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"Tunguska Sample"
by Jessica Rydill
What really caused the Tunguska event?
An offbeat fantasy and part of the Shaman series
Available in MOBI and ePub

When young shaman Annat Vasilyevich gives birth to her first child, she should be filled with joy. But Oscar is the son of two shamans - a shaman squared. Very quickly Annat learns that all is not well with her infant son, who seems to have the mind of an older man. With her beloved wife Eugenie de Bouget, she sets out on a long journey to find out what is wrong with Oscar. On that journey she will travel to the Greenwood, to Indie, home of the Masters of Shamanism - and finally to Sibir and the boreal forests in the far north of Sklava. Someone wants to steal Oscar and use him for their own ends; and Annat comes face to face with her nemesis as she fights for her son against an unknown Magus and the imperial might of the Staryetz of Sklava.