"Z-Burbia: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Adventure Novel"
by Jake Bible
Even a zombie apocalypse can't stop the HOA in Z-Burbia!
A humorous satire on Americana during a Zombie Apocalypse!
Available in MOBI and ePub

When the zombie apocalypse hits the quiet Asheville, NC subdivision of Whispering Pines, the residents don’t turn to the police or the military. Nope. They rely on their iron-fisted Home Owners Association! Which Jace Stanford and his family aren’t too keen on. Undead hordes are hard enough to deal with in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, who needs HOA fines too? Filled with blood, gore, plenty of bad jokes, cannibals, dreaded HOA covenants, and a whole lot of snark, Z-Burbia is guaranteed to thrill and entertain! Welcome to life in Z-Burbia!