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"The Bahawre Legend"

by Chris L. Meyers

Sometimes legends are true. Sometimes they're personal.
First book in an epic fantasy adventure
# Adventure
# Action
# Fantasy

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After starting life as an orphan and working his way up to prime minister of Zille, Boman's life is a model success story. But after 50 years of service, the king dies, leaving the throne to his irresponsible playboy son. Suddenly Boman's decades of service mean nothing. With active assassination plots afoot, everyone's loyalty is questioned --- even Boman's. To prove himself, the aging prime minister sets out on a quest to find the real traitors. But before he completes it, he is attacked, abducted and shipwrecked on an island that should not exist. Boman discovers his problems have just begun. His presence on the island has awakened an ancient mystery that could change the course of history. As his friends search for him, the island begins to sink its claws into his heart. If they manage to find him, will he want to be rescued?