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"The Siren"

by Scerina Elizabeth

A Mysterious Stranger With A Dark Secret
A Steamy Paranormal

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Edgar and Blair Cantwell is a married couple who has just moved to a private beach getaway so that they can have a fresh clean start. Still healing from her husband's past infidelity, Blair is on the verge of giving up on their marriage while Edgar is fighting to save their marriage. A mysterious stranger by the name of Isabella Francis enter their home as an innocent homeless young woman who has a little secret of her own which turns the couple lives upside down as they allow her to stay with them and get close to them. What seemed so sweet and innocent is not what it really seems to be as Blair discovers Isabella's dark little secret. A secret which could end up destroying an already strenuous marriage between Edgar and Blair. Read The Siren to discover Isabella's dark little secret and see what happens with Edgar and Blair Cantwel in the process. : : WARNING : : MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY : : CONTAINS SEXUAL AND ADULT SITUATIONS INCLUDING ADULT LANGUAGE : : 18+ : :