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"Hadley's Dragon Drama (Book 1)"

by Dave Powell

Dragons are real - and they need her help.
A fun fantasy adventure for all ages.
# Dragons
# Fantasy
# Epic
# Middle Grade
# Young Adult

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*** the 2nd book in this series, Hadley and the Dragon Clear, will be released on 9/20/22 *** When 12-year-old Hadley Morgan stumbles upon a magical rift in the mountain next to her hometown, she makes an amazing discovery: dragons are real. The dragon Qi’ola crashed there, and she needs Hadley’s help. The dragons’ minds have been enslaved by the evil Noma Deeve. Determined to help Qi’ola, Hadley and her brother, Brody, venture through the rift - and they are quickly catapulted into a fantastical adventure ina strange new world. From roving bands of ogres and winged darrow to shimmering forests and a cranky dwarf named Calamus, Hadley soon finds out that this land has no shortage of surprises. But Noma Deeve won’t let go of the dragons without a fight… and back in her home world, Hadley learns how difficult it is to keep a secret as big as a dragon. Can she protect Qi’ola while finding a way to free the dragons from Noma Deeve’s mind control? And what will happen once the scientists in her hometown learn about the magical rift? As a fun and fantastical middle-grade adventure that’s perfect for boys and girls ages 10 and up, Hadley’s Dragon Drama is an exciting and memorable story that will help imbue kids with a lifelong love of reading.