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"The Berry Pickers Preview"

by William Lobb

An aging man returns to his bucolic roots, hoping to find and tell the story of his humble ancestors, the berry pickers. Instead, he uncovers a cult of bible tyrants, disinformation, corruption, brainwashing, abuse, and torture.
A lonely man facing his truth
# Crime
# Dark
# Historical Fiction
# Literary Fiction
# Political

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The once amusing antics of a handful of moonshiners, conmen and snake-oil salesmen devolve over time to a national movement that pulls at the tenuous fabric that holds American society together. Truth itself is no longer an absolute, just another part of the narrative. A man traveling home to unravel the haunting truths of his childhood instead finds instead a world of abuse, torture, bible tyrants and cults, set against a backdrop of an America collapsing into Christofascism.