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"Far Out Bonus Material"

by Fiona Faith Ross

Saffron is a tall poppy with dreams to chase, but will they cut her down?
An urban fantasy sci-fi crossover story set in a future Britain

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

In a future dystopia where the regime crushes talent and forces everyone to be mediocre, what will it take to make your dreams come true? Fast forward a century or two where Britain has become New Albion, an austere society divided between rich and poor. In Server City, technocrats watch everything you do and everywhere you go, 24/7. 17-year-old Saffron is happy with her life and although her mum died when she was young, dad is kind. Flowers and plants are her passion and she dreams of becoming a perfume designer and running her own store after college. When she wins the regional heat of the Velvet Petals Design-A-Scentsation contest, her big dream come tantalisingly closer. But somehow she upsets new President, Agata Void, and makes her jealous. Now Void is out to get her and Dad is in trouble. Dad and Saffron flee the city and escape to Seaweed Slum. Dad goes on a mission, then he goes missing. Void threatens to take everything Saffron cherishes, but Saffron fights back.