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"Cupid's Magic"

by Samantha Michaels

A one-night stand or a forever love?
A steamy Valentine's Day romance
# Holiday
# Rockstar
# Steamy
# Romance
# Contemporary

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Could there be a worse holiday than Valentine’s Day? Not if you ask Roxy Sinclair. Symbols of the holiday are everywhere and Roxy’s ready to scream. Maybe if she wasn’t spending it alone yet again, she wouldn’t hate it so much. As she’s muttering her way through the grocery store, she gets the shock of a lifetime. Being face to face with her favorite singer, Joey Adams, leaves Roxy feeling like a silly schoolgirl. When Joey proposes a Valentine’s date that’s something out of a romance novel, she can’t help but say yes. Will this be a one-night stand, or has Roxy finally found the one thing that’s been missing?