"Genevieve's Sixth Choice"
by Sheryl M. Frazer
A Psychic, Hot Air Balloons, and Crime, OH MY!
If you like the paranormal, crime, and romance you'll love this!
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Genevieve Walker is, well, highly unusual. Her story is dramatic, romantic, and uniquely mystifying. As this story begins, Genevieve is thirty-one and becomes involved in a heart-wrenching case involving a small child. Through her unusual psychic abilities, Genevieve works fearlessly as a crime consultant to peel away the strange and often confusing responses she receives while also suffering through a torturous nightmare that may or may not be related. Teddy, Genevieve’s husband from northern England, holds a massive space in Genevieve’s heart that is utterly impenetrable. He exudes masculine charm with his disarming Geordie accent, electrifying sexiness, and keen ability to protect Genevieve’s sanity when she’s constantly found in precarious otherworldly interactions. When a family emergency arises during a crucial moment of psychic contact, Genevieve makes a choice that changes one child’s life forever. As the dramatic event concludes, Genevieve is immediately transported to the exact crossroads moment where she experiences an alternate choice. ‘Genevieve’s Sixth Choice,’ highlights Genevieve at her best: a stirring transcendental psychic detective, passionate romantic, and powerfully emotional empath, while still doing her best to stay grounded as a wife and mother. This novelette is a perfect complement to book one, 'Crossroads Though Time,' part of a three-book series called 'A Psychic Empath's Odyssey.' This Paranormal Women’s Fiction series complements additional genres: Paranormal Romance (Always sexy, occasionally steamy), Psychic Detective, Urban Fantasy, and Women’s Fiction.