by Cassie M Shiels

What does a clever witch and a Foiled Prince have in Common? Revenge.
A humorous fantasy novelette with a touch of romance.
# Dragons
# Fantasy
# Magic
# Romance
# Young Adult

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What does a foiled prince and a clever witch have in common? Only one thing... Revenge. With little hope left that he'd win a chance to compete for the crown, Holden fears there is nothing left he can do. On the day he felt ready to give up he found Jemma left out to die. He might have left her there too, if the witch didn't swear she could help him. Jemma volunteered to help Holden so that he would save her life, at least that is what she wants him to think. Revenge might have been her stronger motivation. With a plot to solve both of their problems they agree to help each other, but will their Revenge be worth it in the end?