"Most Wanted Love"

by Kaydee Robins

Getting shot makes you do stupid things like confessing your love for your best friend. Is chancing 15 years of friendship worth the risk of exploring what could be?
MM Friends to Lovers Bonus Novella

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Chasing bad guys was what they do. So raiding a human trafficking ring should be a walk in the park. Well, except for getting shot that is. Ignoring basic protocol to save your partners life is also a huge problem. However, seeing the love of your life—even if he doesn’t know it—bleed out in front of you will cause quite a panic. When his straight partner whispers “I love you,” before passing out Stark can’t believe his ears. 3 days is a long time to think on 3 little words. Was he delirious when he whispered those them? Did he mean it in the most platonic way? Or can it mean that Stark’s dreams will finally come true?