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"Stranger 2 Love"

by Sylvia Hubbard

Is the Bad Girl Worthy of Love?
An erotic steamy intrigue

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She was the bad girl, the evil witch, the selfish woman. After the affair of her husband with her sister is revealed, Shyloe decides to turn her back on life, throw all morals out of the window and find a way to feel something. Feel anything. Malik offered one night to show her what is possible and gives her the most unimaginable lovemaking session of her life or anyone's life. Now Shyloe understands desire, lust and most of all passion, but knowing her evil past, would good hearted Malik want to love a woman like her? Or would she be doomed to spend her life alone because she most likely deserved it? 12,000 word Story Starter by Award Winning Best Selling Author Sylvia Hubbard. Have a taste