"The Meek Shall Inherit"

by Hugh Wesley

You Never Know Who Will Save Your Hide
Or, why every dog has his day
# Post-Apocalypse
# Western
# Adventure
# Christian
# Pets

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Heeding his mother's example, Clement had lived a simple life in the mountains, and it rankled him to see his hometown of Pallorton get caught up in a riptide of greed. Why, even the local preacher had turned to shilling for every dollar he could squeeze from his congregation! But when the populace turned to kicking a mongrel dog when he was down, Clement had had all he could take. Before he could do anything about it, though, disaster struck. Was it the end of the world? And, if it was, what chance did a blind man and a scroungy pooch have in the face of Armageddon? Find out in this apocalyptic western short story.