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"Evolutionary Magic -sample"

by Christina Herlyn

When monsters of legend decide they're no longer mythical, someone must save humanity.
A contemporary fantasy where science and magic collide
# Dystopian
# Magic
# Mythology
# Post-Apocalypse
# Urban Fantasy

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When a mysterious asteroid awakens monsters of myth on Earth, mutant Evolutionaries like Andromeda Bochs are forced to protect what's left of humanity. Elite monster hunter with the E-gene might sound prestigious, but Andromeda just put on her last pair of jeans not slimed, burned, or eaten on the job. She expects to die by monster in spectacular fashion some day, until she meets a scientist who believes in magic. Even stranger--he claims she has it. The monster hunter becomes the hunted when Adromeda's new-found power draws the attention of an Ancient Magic who hopes to steal it. Can she still die by monster? Absolutely. But if she escapes the Ancient and learns to wield her new magic, she might prevent ALL Evolutionaries from dying on the job. Science and magic collide in this dystopian urban fantasy! "If you want to read a fantastic book of magic, monsters, heroes, and villains, buy Evolutionary Magic." • N.N. Light, Amazon Vine Voice "When I need a ride or die after the apocalypse, I'm calling her." • Amazon Reviewer