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"Flowering and Other Stories"
by Tom Bentley
Stories of Mishap, Alarm and Hope
A story collection of memorable, eccentric characters and demanding (though sometimes humorous) situations
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Flowering is a collection of stories built around the themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment and stumbling redemption. From a shoplifting sociopathic genius to a card-dealing witch offering a mystical experience at the blackjack tables to a harsh drunk who turns out to be a malignant—yet chillingly accurate—soothsayer, the story's lead characters are complex and not always charming, but their colors are memorably bright. Location also figures significantly in other stories: Settings in suburban Seattle, a bleak Arizona desert town and a tiny cottage in New Orleans all draw deeply on the native textures of their territories. From flash fiction to richly woven tales, Flowering invites you into distinct worlds, all built on the complexities, dangers and joys of the human story.