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"The Husband of the Siren"

by Kumar Kinshuk

Do you want to be entertained?
Would it be cozy mystery then?
# Cozy
# Crime
# Detective
# Mystery
# Suspense

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The Queen Bee of Bollywood Movies, Reena Lamba went missing in the dead of the night! An erstwhile reigning queen of Bollywood, Riya, has had received a mysterious phone call, with a clue. It spoke only about Riya's own last movie - 'The Husband of the Siren.' Riya had quit the industry. She had opened her detective agency to help women in distress. Whilst the Police was looking into the case, Riya and Dipika - Riya's niece, were simultaneously investigating it. Wasn't Riya the best bet to decipher the case? Would Riya be able to chase clues, piece by piece and unearth the mystery? Read this short story for more!