"His Rebellious Bad Boy"

by Melony Ann

A bad boy and a billionaire.
Will the bad boy and the billionaire be able to keep their embers burning while in the eye of the storm?
# Romance
# Suspense

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For years, my life has revolved around my job as Hayden Resorts’ Security Director. There’s very little time for play when I’m on call day and night.  That is until a certain bad boy shows up and gives me all the pleasure I could ever need. Only it’s not enough. It’s never enough.  Things between us are nothing more than casual. He shows up, rocks my entire foundation, and leaves for months at a time. I guess disappearing is part of life for Viper’s Venom’s fearless Enforcer.  When our world’s cross, I find out real quick just how serious my bad boy is about me, but Hawk has a few secrets. Secrets that thrust us both into the crosshairs of his father. The good Senator from Chicago has made it clear he’s not a fan of his son being with another man.  But that’s not all. Hawks’ father’s hands are dirty, and he’s a threat to our entire world. When the dust settles, I’m not sure we’ll be leaving ground zero with our lives…