"Right on Target"

by Blye Donovan

If Cassie were as good at picking men as she was at throwing darts, she wouldn’t be in this mess.
A fast-paced novella with angst, steam, and heart!
# Romance
# Small Town
# Military
# Suspense

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Cassandra Jones attracts trouble . . . or maybe she goes looking for it. But that all changes when she finds herself in over her head. Now, she’s dodging an ex-boyfriend who refuses to let her go because she knows too much. When she falls into the arms of yet another bad boy, her defense mechanisms go up. Yet, the more time she spends with him, the more she wonders if she’s pegged him incorrectly. Then, when her ex shows up, she’s forced to admit Shane just might be the solution to her problem. Shane Holand is no knight in shining armor, but when he rescues a damsel in distress, something about her rouses his protective instincts. Before he knows it, he’s suited up and fighting for her honor. Or at least her safety from a dangerous ex-boyfriend. But can he convince her to trust him before the chance at more slips through his fingers? Find out in this fast-paced, small-town, romantic suspense novella with forced proximity!