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"God Games"
by James Scott
An Upside Down Sci-Fi Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told!
Heaven, a scientific utopia, has sworn off religion but trouble brews as a secular Yahweh battles a pious Lucifer over the fate of humans discovered in a parallel universe.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

GOD GAMES launches as an eBook in December 2021. But you don’t have to wait. Signup here to read the first chapter for fee and be registered to get the book as part of a “First Readers” promotional discount! GOD GAMES is a science fiction story where Heaven has sworn off religion—science & Loving Freewill reign supreme. However, trouble brews as a new religious movement rises up. Disorder sets in after a meek, muddled & love struck Prof. Yahweh Tabbris creates a parallel universe & decides to show how humans discovered on a planet in the new cosmos, Earth, can benefit from the same Loving Freewill that made Heaven a tech-utopia. But a pious Lucifer Deville—driven by a belief that only Korbibtor his god, lord & savior, is responsible for Heaven’s good fortune—decides to vilify Loving Freewill and gets to Earth first! Now, Yahweh must play a dangerous game and go to Earth and defeat Lucifer to save Earth’s humankind or suffer guilt for their creation. Can a troubled geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?