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"God Games"
by James Scott
An Upside Down Sci-Fi Retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told!
Heaven, a scientific utopia, has sworn off religion but trouble brews as a secular Yahweh battles a pious Lucifer over the fate of humans discovered in a parallel universe.
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Originally titled Heaven's Ant Farm, God Games is a science fiction story where Heaven has sworn off religion—science & Loving Freewill reign supreme. However, trouble brews as a new religious movement rises up. Disorder sets in after a meek, muddled & love struck Prof. Yahweh Tabbris creates a parallel universe & decides to show how humans discovered on a planet in the new cosmos, Earth, can benefit from the same Loving Freewill that made Heaven a tech-utopia. But a pious Lucifer Deville—driven by a belief that only Korbibtor his god, lord & savior, is responsible for Heaven’s good fortune—decides to vilify Loving Freewill and gets to Earth first! Now, Yahweh must play a dangerous game and go to Earth and defeat Lucifer to save Earth’s humankind or suffer guilt for their creation. Can a troubled geeky scientist save his soulmate, Heaven and Earth?