"Bread of Life Daily Devotions"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Bread of Life
Daily Devotions
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Powerful Devotions Rooted in Scripture to Deepen Your Relationship with the Savior I would recommend this book to any follower of Jesus, D F Harmman, Amazon, 5 stars. I liked the way this book was put together. The headings of each part make it nice to follow., Very nice, PAR, Amazon, 4 stars It is well-written, and it makes you dwell on biblical truths. Teaches you to reflect on yourself and how and where you stand in your faith. A great book to read to deepen your faith, Ebieze, Amazon, Bookbub, 5 stars. I found the book to be a great devotional that gives you time to reflect on the meaning of the devotion and how I could use it in my life, Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5 stars. Devotional for those that are starving for the Word of God. A beautiful way to feed your soul. It helps you to center yourself and makes your devotional more intimate, Margarita Bailey, Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, 5 stars. Great commentary by a world-renowned author. His overviews of the books of the Bible are always spot on. Lining up with the Word makes it easier to study and learn from this daily devotional. Daily expect a theme, scripture, verses to reference/read, questions to ponder, and a closing prayer, T. Townsend, Amazon, Apple, Goodreads, and Bookbub, 5 stars. This book gives inspiration for our daily lives. It is a great devotional and gives you a better understanding of the words in the Bible passage. It is simple to read and understand and a great help to the young and old alike. Each chapter includes short prayers to accompany the text. I found this book a great comfort to meet daily challenges, Sharmani, Goodreads, 5 stars. This devotional I used to walk through the second half of Lent. I finished reading it right before Palm Sunday. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons. Dr. Koh is anointed and educated in his faith. It gave me a greater understanding of Protestant beliefs and made things clear to me as a Catholic, Jennifer Surdam, Amazon, Kobo, Goodreads, Bookbub, 4 stars.