"Caste of the Mountain (The Sunstone Saga - Prequel)"

by Nicolin Odel

When honor is questioned.
A prequel novella to The Shepherds of the Sunstone
# Fantasy
# Action
# Adventure
# Epic

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Young Hata Vasara is in the midst of discovering her first love as all hell breaks loose. Her father, Baal Vasara, the Foreman miner in the mountain city of Oitilla, discovered something deep within the earth—an ominous archway of steaming red light. Finding such an unnatural creation in such a place, Baal chooses to cover it up. Unfortunately, his right-hand man, Alvar Kovaa, has other ideas. We find the Vasara family, Baal, Brena, and Hata, in turmoil as the village chieftain accuses the family of lies and notions of thievery. The family is forced to fight for their honor and their place in Oitilla or be exiled as treachery follows in their wake.