by Dana LeCheminant

Trapped in a perfect life that has never felt like his, wealthy Adam Munroe has to decide if he can afford to be his true self or be lost.
A story of life, love, and finding happiness in an increasingly complex world.
# Billionaires
# Clean
# Contemporary
# Romance
# Sweet

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Art dealer Adam Munroe has the perfect life—and he hates it. Though engaged to a beautiful socialite and wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, he has lost his passion for life amid the glamour and would rather stay out of the high society spotlight as much as he can. When his mechanic friend, Luke, and his new bodyguard, Matthew, remind him what normal life is like, Adam starts to question how well he fits among the snobbish elites of San Francisco and wonders if he would be better suited to stay away from it all and keep his feet on the ground like his friends. But a chance encounter with Matthew’s kind-hearted sister—one of the elites but wildly different from the others—has him wondering if it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Seeing Lanna Davenport’s unorthodox mannerisms among her wealthy peers sparks hope back into Adam’s soul as he considers a future brighter than he’d ever imagined. Faced with a choice that feels more significant than anything before now, Adam has to decide if he will be his true self in a world that values confidence and superiority, or if he will remain trapped in a perfect life that has never felt like his.