"Skin Thief"

by Melissa Lummis

Somewhere in between lies the truth.
Urban fantasy adventure
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Action
# Romance

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Ninovan Arrighi thought she’d seen it all, until she’s assigned to track down a skin thief. She heard the stories, even learned the magic as a shaman and member of the Red Council, but she’d never encountered one. Or the skinned bodies of his victims. And just when Ninovan thinks she has the monster cornered, he slips away to a place between worlds where the council has no power and her precious rules don’t apply. She soon discovers larger forces are at work, and she can no longer deny that the people and principles she so deeply believed in are unraveling before her eyes. Because Quil Boudinot, with his dark good looks and quiet earnestness, can’t be the psychotic fiend who peeled the skin off those people while they screamed, can he?