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"TWO Exclusive Excerpts: Deal With Her Dragon: Thor's Sons Crave Curves #1 *&* Curvy and the Canid. STEAMY PNR"
by Ruby Sirois
Magic is real. Here, dreams and wishes come true. What are yours?
Fall in love with Ruby Sirois's lush Nordic Paranormal Romance world! Every book is set in a richly woven magical realism Sweden. Meet powerful gods, sexy alpha shifters, and lovable curvy heroines. Välkomna! Welcome!
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

WOULD YOU RISK YOUR SOUL FOR THE PLEASURE HE OFFERS? Forty-something Emelie Odenberg is a witch. A divorced, mead-making witch to be exact--and with a failing company on the razor's-edge of bankruptcy to boot. Desperate to save it, she turns to her very last resort: summoning a viciously sexy Swedish dragon. Fire dragon Ragnarr Thoringr loathes witches. He's despised them for eight hundred years--so why does he find this plus-sized witch so beguiling? There's something irresistibly steamy brewing between them. She conjures his rapt attention and challenges his deep-seated prejudice--and despite himself, he's instantly obsessed. THE DEAL? A handful of wishes to bail out her business, in exchange for immediate payment. THE CURRENCY? A gorgeous dragon pleasuring every lush curve of her body. THE CATCH? To claim a share of the dragon's hoard is to become a part of it. His, forever--body and soul. DEAL WITH HER DRAGON: A sizzling modern curvy girl & dragon shifter romance with a unique twist. ***** WHAT IF THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS JUST STEPPED OUT OF THEM? Einar Magnulfsson survived for centuries in wolf-form on the outskirts of the castle which was his ancestral home--today a history museum. Now, Einar's only chance at defeating the devastating curse which torments him is a mate who can break it. But the curvy beauty who claims his heart is haunted by her own demons. Rubenesque Saskia Lindholm is a talented artist who only paints the mysterious dreamboat who's haunted her mind's eye for years. But her day job is what pays the bills--and the museum has just lost state funding. This curvy girl's got bigger fish to fry than her hottest fantasies come to life in full Technicolor delusion. Can Saskia accept Einar's passion as more than just a sweet lucid dream, or will her disbelief doom them both? CURVY AND THE CANID: A dreamy, steamy modern retelling of Beauty & the Beast. FFO Laxmi Hariharan, Lee Savino, Aidy Award, Milly Taiden, Evangeline Anderson.