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"Echoes of Enmity"

by Stefanie Chu

Friendships are lost. The trusted becomes traitor.
The prequel to the award-winning epic fantasy series
# High Fantasy
# Magical Realism
# Sword & Sorcery
# New Adult
# Young Adult

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While on a quest to avenge her lost kin, Mirari learns her long lost friend, Gaven, is leading a band of rebels against the three empires. She refuses to believe that the man she knew, whose only goal in life had been to become a noble and honorable fighter, would debase himself so.   But all is not what it seems. Unstoppable forces, wielded by hands unknown, are at work, tampering with events to bring about only chaos and suspicion.   With this mysterious force closing its grip, the empires must decide…   Who is true. And who is traitor.     A prequel novella of Knights of the Alliance, Echoes of Enmity follows Mirari’s journey toward reuniting and confronting Gaven. * * * Maps and more at: Read the first in the series, Knights of the Alliance: Pre-Order Now: