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"Roswell: First Contact"

by Tony B. Richard

It's like Star Trek meets Star Wars meets Stargate meets the MCU—but it’s so much more!
A sci-fi alt-history fantasy.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

When Private Malcolm Dow went to clean up a crashed weather balloon, he came face-to-face with an alien instead. Being an alien of sorts in his own otherwise all-white regiment, Malcolm instantly took on the Alien’s plight—military help for his besieged planet, Zalma. And it’s not just Zalma; Earth will be next. But to do so, he must first overcome the obstacles he’s faced since childhood and find a voice for himself. The trouble is, he’s not the only one who knows they’re here. Earth's Secret Alliance is a series of uplifting, one-to-two-hour short stories. Audiobook, Dyslexic Edition, and Large Print Editions are available!