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"Haven's Legacy (excerpt)"

by Justin Oldham

A young man searches for answers from his past as he seeks his future.
An A.C.: AFTER COLLAPSE adventure

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Sixteen-year-old Lex is a strong-willed orphan who cherishes fading memories of his parents. On the verge of adulthood, he is torn between his desire to help those less fortunate and a growing need to figure out who he really is. When the post-Collapse community he lives in is attacked by marauders intent on looting the place, he must make a difficult decision: fight for what’s right or strike out on his own to find a mythical sanctuary that might not exist.Alone and on the run, he is nagged by the ghost of a dead pilot and tormented by the secrets locked away in his most prized possession. As he begins to make sense of what he finds, Lex discovers more about himself and his family than he bargained for. Can he survive the challenges that lie between him and the answers he’s looking for? (This is an excerpt from Haven's Legacy by Justin Oldham.)